Ranking Website FAQ

Q: Why doesn’t my site rank?

A: Typically if you don’t rank well, it’s because you’re missing one or more of these key things:

1. Targeting keywords on your sites that aren’t too competitive (as in only a few or less sites on page 1 of Google have that exact phrase in the blue link, known as the title tag, in the search results).

2. Not having the keywords in your title tags (this is a huge one) or as the titles of your sites or blog posts, as well as not using the keywords at all throughout the content of your websites.

3. Not targeting different keywords on each of your webpages on your website where each keyword is targeted to a different page specifically built around that keyword.

4. Not getting any relevant backlinks to your site (note that getting tons of crappy backlinks, which other services often offer you, is a horrible idea and can result in your site losing rankings and even getting booted out).

5. Not having the proper h tags, meta tags, and so forth.

The report you MUST see before hiring an SEO company

It’s important to keep in mind that a successful search

engine optimization campaign will result in maximum

exposure across a wide range of popular search engines

using a variety of keywords and phrases. This is the

formula for a successful campaign, and you should keep it

always in the forefront of your marketing strategy.

Ask the search engine optimization company you are

considering for a report that shows you rankings across a

number of popular search engines for a period of at least

six months. Remember: search engine marketing is a process

that is continual, and you need a company that not only

understands this, but keeps constant tabs on your search

engine positions. That company must also be able to adjust

its strategy in the event that search engine rankings drop.